Piano Wire Screens

A Piano Wire Screen (Harp Screen) is made up of single strands of straight highly tensioned wire, connected at either end of the screen with a sheet metal hook. Spacer strips sit over the top of the stringers to maintain correct aperture. This produces a long, uninterrupted slot between the stringers.

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Piano Wire Screen

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Benefits of the Piano Wire

  • Cross harps increase productivity. This results in more tonnes per hour for each square foot of screen area than any other screen surface.
  • Piano Wires make screening of sticky and damp materials possible where, screening with a woven product would be impossible.
  • Piano Wires allow screening at smaller apertures than would otherwise be possible.

In addition to the wire Ripple product range, Ashar Locker can also provide a full range of Piano Wire Screen. The correct spacer type for the screen box and specification is all important. Harp screens are available with four different spacer types.

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