Poly Ripple Screencloth

Poly Ripple screencloths are well suited to today’s mining and quarrying operations. They are light but durable, combining the high open area of wire, with the wear resistance of polyurethane.

Offering many advantages over conventional screencloths, they are lightweight and easy to install reducing down-time and increasing production and efficiency, which makes Poly Ripple the most economical choice in screencloth.

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Poly Ripple Screencloth

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Poly Ripple’s are constructed from a combination of crimped wires held in place by means of abrasive resistant polyurethane.
A long lasting and highly efficient screencloth, they offer many advantages over conventional woven wire.

The Poly Ripple is fitted to the vibrating screen in the same manner as normal woven wire. That is, it is supplied with hooked edges to fit all makes of side clamps and cambered decks.

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