Polyurethene Flip-Flop

Ashar LockerPolyurethene Flip-Flop (also known as Flextec or Jumping Screens ) are manufactured from wear resistant polyurethane. The non – blinding screen panel can be used in Flip-Flop type screen machines, eg Binder Bivitec and Hein Lehmann screen types.

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Polyurethene Flip-Flop Mat

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Features of the Polyurethene Flip-Flop

  • High flexibility
  • Various width, lengths and apertures
    • Width (246mm & 327mm)
    • Length ( 3.2mm, 2.49mm, 1.9mm & 1.2mm)
  • Various thicknesses (5mm & 10mm)


  • Long life
  • igh quality material
  • High efficiency screening

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