December 7, 2023

Enhancement of product quality has been achieved through the implementation of Ashar Locker ULTRA-FLEX Poly Ripple Screens

Upon visiting the customer's site, we conducted a comprehensive analysis, gathering essential data such as machine make, stringer details, feed size, moisture content percentage, and tph (tonnesper hour). With a thorough understanding of the customer's requirements, were commended the utilization of poly ripple screens for achieving the desired out put of 0-5mm on the bottom deck. 

Our team successfully delivered the polyripple screens within a timeframe of four weeks. Following the implementation, there has been enhancement in the screening process of the final product, showcasing a significant improvement when compared to the previous wire meshsetup.

Output of Poly ripple Screens-

· We are pleased to report a threefold increase in running hours, leading to a substantial improvement in tonnage. This achievement underscores the significant enhancement in operational efficiency and productivity, showcasing the positive impact of the transition to Poly ripple screens.

· The implementation of Poly ripple screens has ensured a precise cut size, contributing to a more accurate and consistent sizing of the final product. This precision reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet and exceed the specified requirements.

· The adoption of Poly ripple screens has resulted in a discernible improvement in product quality when compared to the previous wire mesh configuration. This enhancement underscores our dedication to providing solutions that elevate overall product standards and customer satisfaction.

· The introduction of Poly ripple screens has led to a substantial reduction in the cleaning cycle, markedly surpassing the previous frequency of every two hours required for wire mesh screens. This efficiency gain not only streamlines operations but also contributes to increased overall productivity and minimized downtime.

Their consistent usage of PRS for the bottom deck underscores the success of the solution in meeting and exceeding their expectations. We remain committed to delivering reliable and effective solutions to enhance our customers' operational outcomes.

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