November 16, 2023

Improvement in product output using Polyvenoharp mesh

Bevcon Wayor -BW CMS 2470-2D
Feed material
LD slag
>Average life of wiremesh
3-4 days
Required out put (for bottom deck)
0-5 mm

Due to limestonepresence in slag material, bottom deck mesh was getting chocked frequently & customer had to clean the mesh inevery 2 hour to keep plant running . Because of the frequent cleaning(hammering) life of the mesh was just 3-4 days. Customer was looking for asolution to get proper size material & more life from screen media.

After visitingsite & collecting feed related data, Ashar Locker suggested customer to trypolyveno harp anti clogging mesh of 6 mm opening instead of wiremesh.

Meshes were deliveredat site within 6 weeks. Product output was improved considerably along withscreen life.

Final output →

  • 5X increase in running hours. (15 days for  polyveno harp vs 3 days for wiremesh )
  • Product quality improved (Earlier 0- 5 mm in oversize was around50%, with polveno harp mesh %  of 0-5 mmin oversized reduced to less than 10% ) .
  • Cleaning cycle was reduced to once in 2-3 days compared every 2 hourcycle for wiremesh .

Customer wasvery satisfied with the output of polyvenoharp mesh & gave ARC for 3 yearsfor their slag screen plants.

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