ULTRA-FLEX Polyurethane Screening

Embrace excellence worldwide with AsharLocker. Our unwavering commitment ensures consistent excellence, whether you're in India or anywhere else globally. Choose Ashar Locker for a standard of quality that transcends geographical boundaries.

Long life

Accurate material separation with durable Wire Mesh Screens

Panel sizes to suit any frame or vibrating screen.

Long-lasting wear resistance forreliable screening

Wide range of screen fastening systems

Versatile Wire Mesh for tailored solutions


Shaping Careers, Building Futures

Dive into our  Brochure and explore the artistry of precision weaving, crafted to elevate your screening and filtration experience. Uncover a world of durability, efficiency, and versatile solutions meticulously designed for diverse applications.

Discover our Screening Solutions

Flipflow screen mat

Efficiently screen sticky, moist materials with fines using versatile bolting and wedge-type screens, ranging up to 3300 mm with 2 mm openings.

Efficiency with Versatility

Expanded Size Range

Enhanced Screening Performance

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PU Modular

Upgrade your screening game with Injection Molded Poly Panels – where precision, customization, and adaptability converge for unparalleled results.

Tailored for Performance

Customized Aperture Design

Adaptable Features

Available in
1’ x 1’, 2’ x 1’ or  300sq module

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Download our
detailed Brochure

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