November 9, 2023

Innovative Solutions for Aggregate Screening Challenges: A Case Study

A few years ago, we encountered customer’s problem about premature damage in Inter crimp 3 and plain wave wire mesh products. Many customers were facing same issue. The Inter crimp 3 mesh suffered from premature damage in apertures larger than 50mm, while the plainwave wire design aperture becoming un-unified and gets loose wire after few days and allowing oversize material to pass through in larger aperture.

In response, Ashar Locker took proactive measures. We closely monitored customer feedback and developed an alternative wire mesh design knownas the "double lock screen mesh." This design ensured tight wireknuckles with double-sided pressing during weaving and preventing wires from becoming loose and maintaining aperture uniformity.

By avoiding extra waves in oneaperture and reducing wire tension, the double lock screen mesh successfully eliminated premature damage issues. Customers, including United Motors, were satisfiedwith the improved design, and surprisingly demand for the Inter crimp 3 design screen mesh reduced.

Recognizing the need for ongoing improvement, Ashar Locker invested significantly in producing and supplying the double lockscreen mesh to their valued customers.

However, after several years, asurprising issue arose with our United Motors customer. They reported that thedouble lock screen's wires were loosening, and the aperture size becamenon- uniform after a few hours of installation, leading to premature damage.

Upon investigation, weidentified a specific issue with 100mm apertures exposed to the strong impactof 200+ mm aggregates flowing at a rate of 500 tons per hour. The 12mm wire inthe double lock screen mesh could not withstand this challenging impact. Andwire become loose and passing through oversize materials.

While the Inter crimp 3 design provesto be a problem-solving product in this situation, it is important to note tha tit is not the best choice for every situation. This screen design successfully absorbed the impactful force of 200+mm aggregates sizes, with its tight-locked knuckles, ensuring to maintain uniformity of aperture for output of 100mm and resolving the customer's issue.

At Ashar Locker (India) Pvt.Ltd., transparency is our priority. Like any specialist product, Inter crimp 3isn't the go-to solution for every aggregate screening challenge. We'rededicated to finding the perfect fit for each situation, whether it's theproblem-solving assistant or another design in our diverse lineup. We have got the ideal solution for every challenge!

This practical approach proved successful, providing a decent lifespan for the screen mesh and effectively preventing premature damage. At Ashar Locker, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction drives us to continually innovate and respond to the developingneeds of our customers.

As we keep going, Ashar Locker stays true to being excellent, always changing to match what our valued customers need.

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