ULTRA-FLEX Anti Clogging Screens

Unlike others, sustainability is the cornerstone of AsharLocker. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, using sustainable raw materials to not only create environmentally responsible products but also ensure the well-being of our team and customers. Our commitment goes beyond products – it's a promise for a greener, safer future.

High Open Area

Accurate material separation with durable Wire Mesh Screens


Long-lasting wear resistance forreliable screening

Easy to install

Versatile Wire Mesh for tailored solutions


Shaping Careers, Building Futures

Dive into our Brochure and explore the artistry of precision weaving, crafted to elevate your screening and filtration experience. Uncover a world of durability, efficiency, and versatile solutions meticulously designed for diverse applications.

Discover our Screening Solutions

Poly Ripple Screens

Unlock Precision, Strength, and Versatility with AsharLocker's Woven Wire Mesh. Our extensive range caters to diverse specifications, ensuring top-notch performance across various applications

High tensile steel.

Stainless steel screen.

Galvanised steel.

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Poly Veno Harp Screens

Ideal for compost and topsoil. Lasts longer than traditional harp/piano wire, while keep materialin spec.

Customised to specific applications

Starting at 0.031”

28.6mm - 101.6mm

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